Transfer Policy

KISD ECHS Admission Policy

Knippa Collegiate enrolles all KISD students into the Knippa Collegiate program: Knippa Collegiate recruitment and enrollment processes shall identify, recruit and enroll the subpopulations of at-risk students (as defined by PIEMS), including, but not limited to, students who are of limited English proficiency, students with disabilities, or students who have failed a state administered assessment. Enrollment decisions shall not be based on state assessment scores, discipline history, teacher recommendation, parent or student essay, minimum grade point average (GPA), or other criteria that create barriers for student enrollment.Knippa Collegiate shall identify, recruit, and enroll subpopulations (in addition to those who are at-risk as defined by PIEMS) that are historically underrepresented in college courses (eg first generation college goers, students of low socio-economic status, African American, Hispanic, Native American).